Matrix Geoscience has a range of web-based apps currently in development.


LASMate is an application for reading, viewing and interrogating Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files, commonly used to store downhole geophysical data. With LASMate you can:

  • Convert between different versions of LAS files (e.g. v1.2 to v2.0)
  • Convert between depth units (e.g. metres to feet)
  • Merge multiple LAS files into a single LAS file (e.g. merge a density file and gamma file together)
  • Plot LAS data in a range of ways (e.g. LAS curve, histogram)
  • Apply a range of filters (e.g. rolling average to smooth LAS curves)
  • Bulk export LAS data from multiple files to one .csv file

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LASMateML is an extension of LASMate, which allows for automated classification of lithology, coal quality, uniaxial compressional strength (UCS), geotechnical strata rating (GSR) and mineral assay properties. This extension requires an existing dataset to train and test the model against real, client data. This extension is available by consultation and at additional cost.


CoalCals is an application for converting and/or calculating bases and units of measure for coal analyses.

Featured conversions include:
  • Conversion of coal analyses moisture basis (e.g. as received, air dried)
  • Conversion of hydrogen moisture basis (i.e. including and excluding moisture)

  • Conversion of coal analyses bases (e.g. ash free or dry mineral matter free)
  • Conversion of relative density from air dried to insitu or dry basis (using Prestons Sanders formulas)
Featured calculations include:
  • Calculation of relative density insitu basis (using ACARP Project C10041 Direct Method formulas)
  • Calculation of insitu moisture (using formulas derived from ACARP Project C10042)
  • Calculation of gross calorific value (using Ultimate Analysis)
  • Calculation of net calorific value (using ASTM, IS or Seyler’s formulas)

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DrillSpacer is an application for predicting optimum drill spacing patterns and for comparing spatial interpolation algorithms. Features include:

  • Determining optimum drill spacing based on a given attribute (e.g fixed carbon, Au, Ag, seam thickness)
  • Comparing and cross validating spatial interpolation algorithms (e.g. inverse distance vs kriging vs random forest)
  • Determining coal resource categories (i.e. inferred, indicated, measured) based on drill hole spacing analysis and ASTM D8215

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