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Matrix Geoscience is a geoscience and data analytics consultancy that specializes in machine learning, exploration and complementary services to the mining industry.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and related services including exploration targeting, lithological and assay prediction, text mining, web scraping, anomaly detection and improved spatial interpolation methods

Resource Estimation

Geological modelling (Vulcan, Micromine, Leapfrog), resource estimation, JORC and Canadian NI 43-101 report preparation and sign off and geostatistical analysis (drill spacing, variography, interpolation)

Geological Database Management

Build and design of geological databases, management and optimisation of existing geological databases and integration of machine learning into database workflows


Exploration services including exploration management, tenement management and reporting and due diligence


Training in programming languages (R, SQL, Python), geological modelling, field geological data capture procedures, wireline log interpretation and data capture software (Geobank, TaskManager)

Web Apps

A range of web applications featuring LAS interrogation, coal quality calculations and conversions, automated drill hole spacing optimisation and spatial interpolation comparison tools.


Matrix Geoscience is a Brisbane-based geoscience and data analytics consultancy that specialises in exploration and complementary services to the mining industry.

Machine learning has many definitions, however we describe it as ‘a set of mathematical, analytical techniques used to generate predictions and/or classify data’.

Machine learning can be applied across a wide range of industries to solve a wide range of problems. In recent years it has gained popularity in the geoscience and mining spaces, due to advances in technology and a wider availability of data. Machine learning does not replace conventional geological techniques however; rather it compliments them and allows for faster, more accurate data interrogation.

Matrix Geoscience leverages client data to enable greater sophistication in decision-making processes. We offer practical, mathematical solutions, tailored specifically to your business. In addition to machine learning services, we also offer conventional geostatistics and data analytics solutions.

Matrix Geoscience is directed by principal consultant Kane Maxwell, an RStudio certified instructor who has over 15 years industry experience in exploration, mining and data science.    

Matrix Geoscience’s five core values of Innovation, Integrity, Safety, Communication, and Leadership embody our business approach. We promote open, transparent discourse with our clients, and are dedicated to finding the right solution for you.


AI can now be recognised as an inventor

A landmark decision by Australia’s Federal Court with interesting legal and ethical ramifications for the regulation of artificial intelligence around the world.

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